Using Your Hands to Give Back to Florida Wildlife

Using Your Hands to Give Back to Florida Wildlife

Who is handy with a hammer and passionate about nature? We are searching for people who love woodworking and wildlife to craft and assemble nest boxes! For those excited to give back to our earth and help wildlife find a new home, this is the project for you!

What is Nesting?

Nesting is the process a bird goes through to create a safe place where it can lay its eggs and eventually raise its young once they hatch. Depending on the species and type of bird, nests vary in specific characteristics and can be built using materials such as grass, leaves, mud, lichen, and fur. Even man-made products such as plastic and paper can be found in a bird’s nest. You can locate these roosts in trees and burrows, on the ground, and even on the sides of cliffs. One way we can help birds find safe and sturdy areas to nest is by building nesting boxes.


Nesting boxes remain an essential element in a variety of birds’ lives. While it can be a place for them to build their home for a short period, it’s also meant to sustain a family for a little while as the baby birds grow and mature. The process of nesting and raising the babies is different for every bird. Some find a home in the tall, dense grass of a meadow or field, others prefer a hole in some wood. Even others reuse old nest holes or settle down in the natural formation of fallen branches and leaves.

We Need Your Helping Hands!

Our job is to craft nesting boxes that provide that type of protection and feel of a home for native birds. Many of these species are already struggling by being run out of their original habitat because of the recent increase in destruction of trees and brush. This leaves many birds desperate to find even one empty natural place that isn’t already inhabited.


We want to create homing opportunities for birds of all types through well-designed, safe nesting boxes, so we don’t have to rescue even more orphaned baby birds. With the proper design and construction of the boxes, birds can find dwellings as ideal and close to the design of their natural habitat as possible to stay and raise their young.


If you enjoy building and working with your hands while also giving back to Florida wildlife, we would love for you to partner with us on this project. Contact us today for more information on how you can make a change and impact the lives of dozens of birds. All hands-on deck for this exciting new opportunity!