Learning to Live Alongside Wildlife

Learning to Live Alongside Wildlife

Here in Florida, we are so lucky to have amazing, diverse wildlife.  Sure, some may complain about the raccoon or deer in their yard but they probably don’t realize the huge benefit these animals are to our community and environment.

Each part of our wildlife plays a significant role in the place we call home. Before we even began urbanizing Florida, the animals here were thriving in their beautiful habitat. Now, many are on the edge of extinction because of our lack of knowledge and proactive steps to live in harmony with them.

Understanding The Neighboring Critters

It starts with understanding the value of the wildlife we exist alongside. Basic functions such as germination, seed dispersal, pest control, and waste breakdown are all thanks to the wonderful animals of our environment. Wildlife keeps our environment clean naturally.

The introduction of strange, new external factors can completely throw off an entire ecosystem and in turn disrupt the comfortable life we’ve now grown so accustomed to. Everything we consume from clothing to food is credited to wildlife and the land they support.

These creatures teach us both appreciation and respect for the earth. If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t even have this beautiful home! Take some time to step outside and discover more about the different species that inhabit your backyard. People of all ages can learn to appreciate the new world outside their windows and with the help of animals and insects, we can enjoy our natural surroundings for years to come.

Help Wildlife Help Us

And we can’t forget to mention how important wildlife is for bringing communities together in support through group activities and awareness. Getting involved in a local wildlife rescue increases the help and safety of animals everywhere. Find local groups dedicated to preserving the wellbeing of our environment and learn exactly how you can help by attending classes or events near you.

It is up to us to keep our ecosystems safe! Deciding to respect wildlife while co-habituating together keeps both you and the animals protected and thriving. Work with them instead of against them and with time, we can learn how to better exist peacefully together, keeping both our flora and fauna happy and healthy.